Please prepare your photos as follows:

  1. Size each one to be 1600 pixels along the longest edge.
  2. Save as a Jpeg file at high quality (around 80%).

This should give you a file size of less than 2MB which will upload quickly. Our system will not accept any file over 3MB. Please do not include borders or watermarks on your images. Please keep your original high resolution edited file, as we may request this if your image is chosen to appear in the final. You will also need to keep the original unedited photo - as taken by your camera, as we will need this to verify your image meets the rules of the competition.

You do not need to caption or name your photos at this stage. We will request that information from you should you progress to the final stages of the competition.

Pricing - £5 per image.

Enter Now

Where does my money go?
The competition hopes to generate an income of around £6,000 in the first year. Half of this will go towards the prize fund. There are a few minor overheads such as website maintenance and domain licensing etc, but we hope to be donating at least £2,000 to our charities for 2021. In 2020 we raised £868 for the charities. The more entries we receive, the bigger the money pot will be to pass on to our partner charities.

On the check out page, you will have a choice as to which type of charity your money goes to.
This year you can choose from the following.

Young Carers
A Scottish based charity who provide activities for children who need to care for disabled relatives.

Scottish Wildlife Trust
Tackling climate change and helping Scotland’s wildlife

Scottish Mountain Rescue
Volunteers who keep you safe on the hills