We don’t like to restrict you with a long list of rules and regulations. By keeping things simple and being upfront and honest about where your money goes, we hope everyone will enjoy taking part. Please ensure your photos comply with the following guidelines.

  1. All images must be taken in Scotland. The subject matter is not restricted, but it must be identifiable as Scotland. Any macro or wildlife photos which could have been taken anywhere will need GPS info in the metadata to prove where they were taken.
  2. All entries must be your own work. By entering images, you are taking responsibility that you have full ownership of all entries. We also allow photos you have taken whilst on a workshop.
  3. All images must be a true and accurate representation of the scene or subject at the time the photo was taken. Basic editing is allowed, but cloning of objects (either in or out), merging or two images which were not taken at the same time, or trying to create colours which were never present in the original scene are not allowed. We will need to see the original RAW or unedited file for all top ten images for each category.
  4. There is no time limit on when a photo was taken. You can enter photos regardless of when they were taken.
  5. Photos can be of any subject, so don’t assume only landscape images are acceptable. Wildlife, portrait, architectural and cultural images are all welcome, as long as they have a Scottish identity.
  6. By entering your images, you give permission for Scotland.Photography to use them for promotional and marketing purposes for the competition. Your images will never be used for commercial profit of any kind, and the photographer retains copyright at all times.
  7. You can enter as many photos as you wish. The pricing options are set out on the Enter page.
  8. The competition is open to all photographers of any nationality or age.
  9. The deadline for 2021 entries is October 31st at 22:00.
  10. Any cash prize needing to be sent outside the UK will incur small international transfer and currency exchange fees which will be deducted from the prize amount.